Our_Journey_with_Food-1Our Journey with Food – Available Now!

By Tammera Karr

Why is food so important to us and how did it go from basic hunter gathering edibles to today’s monster food industry? Why are there so many health challenges for modern individuals? Have they always been there or are they in part due to the rapid change in foods being consumed?

Put on your explorers glasses and hat and follow Tammera Karr through, “Our Journey with Food”.

“Tammera Karr’s Our Journey With Food, is absolutely jam-packed with relevant and important information about nutrition and real health (not just the absence of disease). It also contains loads of fun facts about our sources of nourishment. Did you know that the thickness of onion skins have been used to predict the severity of the oncoming winter? Of course Tammera would know that, she’s the most down-to-earth, Farmer’s Almanac, foodie-nutritionist, PhD around!”

Thanks Tam for creating this awesome resource that will not only help save lives with the well-researched information it contains, but at the same time will provide great fodder for interesting discussion around many a dinner table.”

– Susan Barendregt Functional Nutritionist

Available in 2015.

Fine Foods for Fur Coats

By Tammera Karr

For many our pets are the children we didn’t have, these furry family members now have Insurance plans at their veterinarians, medications for chronic illnesses and special dietary needs – Just like their human family members do.

This book chronicles Tammera Karr’s search into what was the best way for their family pets to eat. As a Holistic Nutritionist she was sure that the growing number of cancers, and chronic illness increasing in number in pet populations was tied to their diet just like those of humans. Was She Right?

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No One Can Care More Than You

By Tammera Karr
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In order to take back control of your health one must first be motivated to do so. In this Free downloadable edition Tammera highlights a few of those areas where changes must happen in order for any lasting health and lifestyle decisions to make a difference. No longer are we in a time of deprivation dieting to reach ideal weight. Today’s generations are struggling with more health challenges than previous generations, in part from faulty diet programs, ideas and the boomerang effects of deprivation and abdicating personal responsibility. Welcome to the first step in “Taking Back Your Health”.


Food and Nutrient Report

By Tammera Karr
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Are you an existing client in need of the updated Food And Nutrient Report for Clients?

“Remember your health didn’t get to its current state overnight, so give yourself time to make each dietary and lifestyle change. I encourage you to select one or two areas to make changes in every two to four weeks. This places you in a position of control, not victim. This is only the beginning, and each day is a chance to take back control”.

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"Thank you for sharing your food and nutrient report with me.  I thought it was helpful, informative and you kept it very interesting. I liked the way you picked out important points for each subject and made them easy to understand.   I also liked the recipes and section to write my goals.  Good read!"  - LF