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HN4U Online Education – Our Journey with Food

Published January 8th, 2020 in
Our Journey With Food Online Education Course

In this 3 month course, you will learn:

Month 1
Making Sustainable Food Choices – Food the First Medicine

  • Where to Begin – Making Sustainable Food Choices for Health
  • Optimum Nutrition on a Fixed Budget
  • I hate to cook, But I Enjoy food
  • Roadmap to Clean Eating

Month 2
Building Your Versatile Pantry

  • Foundational Staples to Buy in Bulk
  • Ways to Store Food and Foods for Health
  • Build it Yourself – Food Sensitivities
  • Quality Cookware and Tools

Month 3
Healthy Meals Made Fast

  • What are the building block of a healthy meal?
  • Build it Yourself – Food Sensitivities Part 2
  • A New Way to View “Fast Food” (Making More: Creative Uses for Leftovers)
  • Freeing Your Inner Chef

At the end of successfully completing the course, you will also receive a program completion certificate.

Does this course qualify for professional continuing education (CE) credits?

HN4U OnLine.Ed ~ Our Journey with Food, Course One issues a 25 credit-hour Certificate of Completion.

Each professional organization decides what educational activities are eligible for CE credit.

Approved By:

  • American Naturopathic Certification Board (ANCB)

We cannot guarantee any specific organization will accept this program; however, we currently have submitted CE applications with:


  • The Oregon Holistic Nurses Association (OHNA) (Nursing Professionals)
  • THe Nutrition Therapy Association

This list will be updated as our applications are approved.

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