gluten sensitivity

Gluten Sensitivity

What is gluten and why is it such a growing concern for health? In a nut shell, gluten is one of several proteins found in grain. These proteins can be triggers for inflammation and chronic illness, some of which are life threatening (Celiac Disease). Our modern diet has become increasingly dependent on these proteins, and any time you get too much of something it has the potential to cause harm.

If there is a diagnosis of Celiac, my approach is to remove gluten containing foods, supplements, drinks, snacks, and body care products that may contain gluten and if possible convert medications to compounded forms that are gluten and lactose free. For those with Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) we begin with education and elimination. There are many aspects to consider during this process and it takes time to navigate through.

From 2011 to the present, new gluten-free products became readily available on supermarket shelves each day. There is no doubt this will continue to trend in 2014 and beyond; a survey conducted by the HAIN Corporation found at least seven out of 10 “health conscious” consumers frequently purchased products labeled gluten-free and at least four in 10 stated they planned on buying more GF products in the coming year.

But does Gluten Free mean healthy? Processed food in any form contributes to health challenges, inflammation, increased food sensitivities, brain fog and more.

Tammera is here to help You navigate the challenges involved with the gluten free lifestyle.

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