Food through history

Our Journey With Food – Presentation

Past, Present & Future – Our Journey With Food

From traditional food cultivation to modern advances in food chemistry – this presentation will lead the participants through the history of our journey with food.  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of food production, consumption and bioavailability, the one family of substances capable of promoting vitality and health freedom.

Learning objectives

  1. Food evolution through History
  2. Cultural influences on food and health
  3. Natural verses Synthetic
  4. Empowering your clients with food for their health
  5. Changing times – understanding the role of technology and policy

Time needed for presentation 2hr.  This is a perfect introduction to practitioners or the public, who are looking to gain information, holistic nutrition understanding, or incorporation into a integrative practice as background. Additionally this presentation is the first in a series that build up to nutrition-based presentation targeting specific health topics.

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