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Where Science Meets the Wisdom of Traditional Food Knowledge

HN4U Our Journey With Food

Who is this program for?

This course, while initially created for nurses eager to use food as medicine, is also suitable for anyone motivated to learn how to create delicious meals with health-promoting qualities.


Today’s nurses must know they are recommending best science to their patients. So, in this course, you’ll not only learn how to use food as medicine, but also the science behind the claim. You’ll learn what food to use for what purpose and how science supports your understanding.

Why You Want to Take This Program

We have to eat every day, so why not eat delicious food that supports our health – and often is faster to prepare and costs less than eating out. Now you can learn how to utilize natural foods for health just like past generations.

Food and Health

Our health is dependent on the nutrients we absorb from foods far more than calories.

There is a growing body of science supporting traditional food choices for sustainable health.

  • Self-Paced Course with Instructor Access
  • 12 Evidence-Based Presentations
  • Over 20 Videos with Downloadable Tools
  • 3 Exams to Test Knowledge
  • Scientific and Historical Citations
  • Group Interaction, Recommended Reading, Activities, Support, Tips, and Tools
  • 25 credit-hour Certificate of Completion*

This Course Will Cover:

  • Nutrition Foundations
  • Sustainability in Food Choices for Health
  • Mindfulness in Food Selection and Lifestyle

Expanding the Conversation

Our journey will be holistic, encompassing aspects of our lives that affect health from conception to death. What we eat determines how our genes up-regulate or down-regulate genetic predispositions.

What Else?

  • Develop Sustainable Habits of Change
  • Nourish Life Skills
  • Take the Battle Out of Meals
  • Embrace a New Relationship with Food

So let’s Begin the Journey of a Lifetime!

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Our Journey With Food Online Education Course

*Does this course qualify for professional continuing education (CE) credits?

HN4U OnLine.Ed ~ Our Journey with Food, Course One issues a 25 credit-hour Certificate of Completion.

Each professional organization decides what educational activities are eligible for CE credit.

Approved By:

  • American Naturopathic Certification Board (ANCB)

We cannot guarantee any specific organization will accept this program; however, we currently have submitted CE applications with:


  • The Oregon Holistic Nurses Association (OHNA) (Nursing Professionals)
  • THe Nutrition Therapy Association

This list will be updated as our applications are approved.

$197.00Add to cart