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Where Science Meets the Wisdom of Traditional Food Knowledge

Coming in 2019 – HN4U Online Education Programs

A preview of tentative online education courses:

Where to Begin – Eating Healthy on a Budget


  • How to shop real foods on a fixed budget
  • Building your versatile pantry
  • Healthy meals made fast

Healing Power of Culinary Foods and Herbs


  • What is special about seasonal foods
  • Eating seasonal foods for energy
  • Seasonal foods for healthy immune systems

Traditional Foods for Auto-Immune Challenges


  • Clearing the confusion over foods for Autoimmune health challenges
  • Best picks for Inflammation
  • Beat picks for Cognition
  • Best picks for pick Digestive Tracts

Traditional food preservation


  • Freezing
  • Drying
  • Canning

The Wide World of Nutritional Supplements

+ More!

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