HN4U: Our Journey With Food




This Course Will Cover:

  • Nutrition Foundations – Utilize the principle of nutrition, sustainability, and mindfulness.
  • Sustainability in Food Choices for Health – Demonstrate how to support client’s prescribed nutrition plan through the use of sustainable traditional whole foods, including ancient grains, legumes, tubers, sea vegetables, animal protein, fat sources, and seafood.
  • Mindfulness in Food Selection and Lifestyle – Examine how acute and chronic food sensitivities and their prevalence affect clients. Describe associated risks, and food/ingredient substitutions, and food preparation safety/methods.

Expanding the Conversation

Our journey will be holistic, encompassing aspects of our lives that affect health from conception to death. What we eat determines how our genes up-regulate or down-regulate genetic predispositions.

What Else?

  • Develop Sustainable Habits of Change – Empower clients/patients in their efforts to modify diet and lifestyle in a sustainable, holistic manner. Explain the principles of locally sustainable agriculture, the economy of home food preparation and preservation, nutrient synergy through food combining and fermentation or cooking.
  • Nourish Life Skills – Examine various synergistic traditional food combining approaches, the utilization of traditional herbs, and the daily incorporation of movement and time in nature.
  • Take the Battle Out of Meals
  • Embrace a New Relationship with Food – Appraise current scientific information pertaining to the health risks and benefits of natural or human-made chemicals and elements: water, heavy metals, naturally occurring environmental irritants, dust, pollens, smoke, and mold.

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*Does This Course Qualify for Professional Continuing Education (CE) Credits or Contact Hours?

HN4U OnLine.Ed ~ Our Journey with Food, Course One issues a 25-contact hour Certificate of Completion.

Approved By:

  • This continuing nursing education activity was approved by Purple Shoes Wellness, Provider approved by the
    California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 16414 for 25-contact hours
  • American Naturopathic Certification Board (ANCB)
  • National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP)

*Each professional organization assigns contact hour value.

We have sought out accrediting/licensing bodies most likely to be accepted to aid the professional.

So let’s Begin the Journey of a Lifetime!