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Autographed Print Edition

First came Our Journey with Food, followed by Our Journey with Food Cookery Book, fully revised and expanded. OJWF Cookery Book takes the nutrition student and foodie deeper into food history, practicality, and adventure. Food connects the world while remaining unique to each person, time and culture. The authors believe that the most nourishing foods are ancestral, whole, seasonal, wild-harvested and organic; they looked to history for lost knowledge and guidance. There is something for everyone, from the American Indian Nations to the Indian continent and from homesteads to busy metropolitan townhouses.

Our Journey with Food Cookery Book 2nd edition is a rich compilation of culinary guidance from those with over 50 years of experience developing a sustainable kitchen and life. A fully inclusive food journey exploring how traditional harvesting, foraging, preparation and cooking practices propelled humanity to innovate and prosper. The authors invite you to enjoy 398 recipes, 224 citations, 147 historical references covering 150 years of culinary history and more.


“Tammera Karr perfectly captured this book’s essence in her poem Hidden Delights when she wrote, ‘It is connection and preservation of knowledge.’ That is precisely what they have created with this practical, relevant, and powerful book. These authors have done something incredible and created a resource that entertains, informs, and empowers all of us to get back into our kitchens, dust off our aprons, and prepare truly nourishing food for our families”.
– Bill Schindler, PhD,
Author of Eat Like A Human, Speaker and Educator
Director of the Eastern Shore Food Lab and Executive Chef at Modern Stone Age Kitchen

“Tammera Karr’s book, Our Journey with Food-Cookery Book, fills the gaps in our heritage and knowledge of food. This book is a unique blend of science, history, anecdotes, photographs, and wonderful recipes that begin to close the gap in our food knowledge. The book is logically arranged, beginning with explaining the benefits of staples in the kitchen and how to prepare and safely store many foods for later use. All these will reduce the risk of nutrition-related diseases such as obesity, diabetes, stroke, auto-immunity, and many others. The book is carefully documented, in contrast to many books of this kind, done logically and without malice or fanaticism. It is not only a good read but an essential part of our food history and the evolution of who we are”.
– Janet Ludwig, PhD, MS
Biochemistry and Nutrition
Professor & Dean of Integrative Health and Nutrition, American College of Healthcare Science

“This book is a cornucopia of food and nutrition information! While it is a cookbook, it is also an educational piece packed with valuable tips and tools. The recipes are mouthwatering with something for everyone. Well-referenced and beautifully organized, Dr. Karr and her team have outdone themselves!”
– Nicole Hodson, NC, BCHN®, CDSP
NANP Executive Director

“No matter how much I think I know about food, Tammera Karr proves there is still so much more to learn. In-depth, well-researched, and filled with historical notes and quotes. I have to say, out of all the mouthwatering recipes shared within, the Recipe for Happiness is my favorite! A true gift of knowledge and wisdom. This book deserves a place in everyone’s home!”
– Susan Schiliro Guegan, NC, BCHN®, CHC
Author of Don the Rooster and Me

“In the revised second edition of Our Journey with Food Cookery Book, Tammera Karr once again outshines herself with her unrelenting ability and dedicated passion to highlight just exactly why – and how – we ought to pay attention to anything related to food.

With contagious aplomb she takes the reader on a journey filled with encaptivating stories on often hilarious historical origins, traditional preparations and moving rituals but also modern, pragmatic tips so needed in a fast-paced and stress-pressured society that has lost touch with exactly how to, not laboriously but easily, prepare nutrient-dense food from scratch.

New chapters have been added while previous ones have been expanded. “Grains” as well as “Tubers and Roots” each have their own spotlight chapters now, so important in a time where trendy diets have demonized these two vitally nutritious food sources. Another new chapter “Umami” elevates the powerful mushrooms to the status they deserve, showcasing both their medicinal as well as they flavor power. “The Wild Side of Food” introduces the reader to mouthwatering recipes using edible plants that are often discarded as simply weeds to be destroyed. “Where’s the Cheese” highlights the nutritional value of traditionally fermented dairy, reminding the reader how our industrialized, highly processed cheese is a far cry from the nutritional powerhouse of true cheese.

And of course, this would not be a Cookery Book without the addition of new scrumptious recipes, encouraging the reader to delve into often believed to be too cumbersome traditional food preparations by offering modern adaptations to allow the reader to, once again, connect to the unifying harmony that blends old and new, tradition and modernity, and serves but one purpose – to nourish Body and Soul, and became part of a universal Whole that transcends place and time.”

– Kirstin Nussgruber, CNC, EMB, BCHN®
Founder of Eat Holistic LLC
Vice President: National Association of Nutrition Professionals
Author of Confessions of a Cancer Conqueror – My 5 Step Process to Transform Your Relationship with Cancer


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