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Journey back into history to gain perspective on today’s challenges with food and diets. Our Journey with Food includes adventure, intrigue, and exploration with a touch of mystery flavor. How can a book about food possibly contain all that? Our Journey with Food 3rd Edition is crafted from a passion for empowering individuals to use Food as Medicine and live life with gusto. Tammera Karr and her esteemed Corps of Wellness Colleagues share their combined knowledge of history, gastronomy, science, medicine, and more to aid in charting a course for health and longevity with a sustainable Holistic NEW Lifestyle Paradigm.

Our Journey with Food 3rd Edition is a perfect resource for informed consumers, students of nutrition, and Holistic Nurses with over 1,500 cutting-edge research citations, hundreds of historical references, and 2B-Well Coaching Tools.

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“Wow! I feel like I’ve been on a whirlwind tour through health’s medical, political, and historical underpinnings as we know it today. Dr. Karr’s meticulous and unapologetic storytelling, weaving research, current events, and historical documents stirred many emotions and convictions in my heart. I especially appreciate all the nutritional information about vitamins and minerals. She includes historical information, the latest research on the relationship between deficiencies and certain chronic health conditions, and populations that are at risk. Her extensive coverage of vitamins D and K, including clinical trials, history, and other important information, is the most comprehensive I’ve seen. Our Journey with Food is an engaging and current reference, much better than my old textbook! I will repeatedly refer to this volume to educate my clients on their health choices and remind myself of the new research Dr. Karr has diligently unearthed and included.” –Julie Brow-Polanco, Health Coach, Herbalist, Aromatherapist

“This book provides individuals with an understanding of how food as ‘medicine’ contributes to overall health and well-being. The weaving of the origins of food, as our ancestors consumed, with how holistic practitioners integrate food as a healing modality make this a rich book for all to read. Dr. Karr writes that holistic nutrition is a way of life considering each individual’s unique physical, emotional, cultural, psycho-social, and spiritual responses. The chapter titled “How we get what we need,” provides a comprehensive and holistic overview to those who desire to take the journey with food to promote health and healing.” –Lynne King, DNS, MSN, MS, RN, AHN-BC, Caritas Coach®