Building a Strong Foundation


1, 60 min. Virtual zoom session or phone consultation with a health history, email follow-up, and one of Dr. Karr’s eBooks.

All appointments will be set for Pacific daylight/standard time between the hours of 9 am & 5 pm, Monday and Wednesday.


You will receive personal one-on-one time (60 min.) through personal interactive audio and video technology consultation with health history, a downloadable version of Dr. Karr’s book, and an email follow-up to further explore your questions.

When it comes to health and lifestyle what you do doesn’t have to be an end to life as you know it, the nutritional maintenance and foundation you implement today will give you support for the future.

Today’s busy world demands a lot of energy from you, and the effects of a busy life can result in: weight gain, fatigue, sleeplessness, brain fog, poor digestion, premature aging, loss of sex drive, and increased illnesses.

Request Your Foundation Session Today. An email confirming your date and time will be sent to you within 24 hours..

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