Our Journey With Food – Cookery Book


On the heels of Dr. Tammera Karr’s second edition of Our Journey with Food comes her cookery book of the same name. Dr. Karr’s Our Journey with Food – Cookery Book continues to delve into the history of the foods we eat, cultural traditions that keep food at the center of the family, and the continuing evolution of our food industry. With 200 enticing recipes, this book will spark memories of dishes long forgotten or introduce you to traditions and methods of cooking you may not have known existed. Filled with tips about how to resurrect the almost lost art of food preparation techniques, including canning and preserving. Our Journey with Food – Cookery Book is a blend of Dr. Karr’s personal experiences living in rural Oregon, a deep connection to her family’s lore, in-depth research, and solid science that brings to life historical cookery from a modern-day perspective. Grounded in the belief that the most nourishing foods are whole, seasonal, unprocessed, and organic, Our Journey with Food Cookery Book is a rich compilation of recipes that promote optimal health through tradition, variety and nutrient density.


“The way cooking should be! You are going to love this new cookbook.

“We need to get back to our roots of real wholesome food cooked in a wholesome way. Think back to your childhood, what foods are you missing today that you loved back then?

“This is what Our Journey with Food – Cookery Book is all about. Getting back to the roots of cooking with fresh ingredients and the right cookware. Finally a cookbook that tells you not only what to cook but what is the best way to cook it.

“Full of recipes of yesteryear and childhood memories all wrapped up in real comfort foods that feed the body and the soul. Dr. Tammera Karr has outdone herself with this cookbook and is the perfect companion to her other book Our Journey With Food 2nd Edition. This is one that will be handed down from one generation to the next.”

Karen Langston, Nutritionist

“As a nutrition educator and research scientist, the book Our Journey with Food – Cookery Book delivers this information in an informative, entertaining and useful manner. There is a gap in our knowledge of food. This gap in our heritage and knowledge of food has been fulfilled by Dr. Tammera Karr’s book, Our Journey with Food – Cookery Book. This book is a unique blend of science, history, anecdotes, photographs, and wonderful recipes that begin to close the gap in our food knowledge. The book is carefully documented and, in contrast to many books of this kind, has been done logically and without malice or fanaticism. It is not only a good read; it is an essential part of our history of food and the evolution of who we are.”

Janet Ludwig, Ph.D., M.S.
Education Director and Director of Doctoral Studies
Hawthorn University

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