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ChemTrails ~ A Government Conspiracy Fact or Fiction?

Published April 19th, 2013 in Alternative Perspective

by Tammera J. Karr, PhD, BCHN, BCIH

Now many of you have heard me say “my name is Thomas and I’m from Missouri” over more than one topic. “ChemTrails” are such a topic. Let me start at the beginning and tell you how a thought began forming in my mind for this column.

While many of you may be under the impression I never get sick, that is not the case – after having been exposed to two weeks of plague carriers in my family, I came down with the worst cold in 20 years. Now when you feel slightly better than death warmed over, you do not have the energy to do a whole lot, thinking fills the gap with no television available.

I sat outside soaking like a lizard in the spring sun and enjoyed the movements of clouds in the sky. A jet trail appeared and I thought about the puzzle of “chemtrails” – was the government dumping planeloads of biological and chemical warfare on us? Was my cold the result of biological weaponry or a simple spring cold brought on by climate change from winter to spring, higher humidity’s with warmer temperatures and Gods sense of humor called pollen.

I pondered how things have changed with advances in technology, satellites, computer modeling, and aviation in my lifetime. When I was a kid in eastern Oregon, we routinely saw big military planes flyover high in the sky, and crop dusting took place feet above the vegetation to insure it didn’t drift away. This was the late 60’s and 70’s and we were under the flight path for North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). NORAD is located in Colorado, planes were flying around 50,000 feet, most US military aircraft could exceed 50,000 feet by 1976 according to Commercial planes, flew around 20, 000 – 30,000 feet.

– if my facts on flight elevations are off just go with it I have a cold remember.

Keeping this information in mind, I thought about the advances in satellite imagery and modern understanding of weather patterns, air currents and how the weather thousands of miles away or natural events like a volcano in Iceland affect the world we live in. What are the air currents doing on the surface, midlevel, Jetstream and higher? Without being a student of meteorology, it is still apparent to me, air currents like water currents are affected by a great many things and don’t always have a rhyme or reason to their movement.

Back to ChemTrails – the internet, facebook and popular conspiracy world are full of talk about how the military is dumping planeloads of biological and chemical contaminates on us here on tera ferma.

One site I, looked at said: “Covert Climate Control? Under the banner of some top-secret scientific agenda, the US military continues to weave chemical-laden contrails in the skies, causing health problems for unprotected people on the ground”. Another “Why would anyone (in their right mind) think that spraying toxic chemicals (chemtrails) – into our atmosphere – is a good idea? So, the question remains, why do you think “chemtrails” and other geoengineering projects exist today? (Hint: control and profit)”.

I have clients who have fled the USA for safe chemtrail free countries like Ecuador. When I questioned them on this, they went into great detail about all the chemtrails being over the United States, and this was the cause of the terrible cancers and illnesses.

So my question to you is – Where is all the population and highest density of air travel likely to be? The Northern hemisphere and we have more jets in the air today than at any time in the past, transporting people all over the world. So yes we will see more contrails in the sky.

The source of the growing conspiracy on US planes and Chemtrails is currently from Michael Murphy, a journalist, filmmaker and political activist from the Los Angeles.

I feel reassured don’t you?

He and others got the idea initially from, “the Patriot Page from 1997, the following quote is from an archive of this site. “We now have proof that our goverment is using chemical agents on populated areas they are adding it to military jet fuel. Have you ever looked up at a vapor trail behind military aircraft flying so high a symbol of Americas power. Look again!!

Commerical jets also leave a lovely (non-toxic) vapor trail when the heat from the turbines come in contact with the cool air condencing the water droplets into steam. Softly the lines defuse into the blue sky. So what is different about the military aircraft, the answer is simple, It’s the Fuel JP-8+100 is some really bad stuff.

When you look up over the skys of New York City on a clear, sunny morning you see the military aircraft making patterens across the sky with their vapor trails. The smoke is thick and does not go away. When it comes in contact with the sunlight it turns to a purple color, then desipates into a over cast Purple Haze, this whole thing stinks of a Goverment DePopulation Program”.

I simply cannot take this seriously. From ground level how can you possibly tell the difference between the contrail of a commercial jet and a military one without some impressive optics? Upper atmosphere temperatures, jet stream, flight elevation, speed, and type of aircraft, determine the length of time a jet trail is visible.

Additionally I looked up JP-8+100, to see what it is – after looking at over 12 sites from academia, aerospace industry sites and freedom of information releases from the military, what I found is – JP-8+100 is a fuel additive used by EVERY commercial and military airplane today, it is also used in tanks, ships, and trucks. This fuel additive increases the temperature at which aviation fuel burns, reducing carbon build up on the injectors and engine. This also allows the motor to cool more efficiently reducing heat stress and ware.

The temperatures of the exhaust from one of these engines will pretty much incinerate anything in its path – including man made bugs… The worst third degree burn I have ever received was from a brush up on a motorcycle exhaust pipe, and the temps from that where nothing compared to a jet engine. My thoughts also after having been around retardant planes, crop dusters, single prop and jets – those who have flown military and commercial planes – I find it very hard to believe those intelligent and honorable individual’s would risk the lives of their families on the ground by dumping toxins on them for the sake of a conspiracy.

In conclusion, I avoid the overuse of antibiotics, don’t get the flu shot, and believe no one cares more about my health than me, and sometimes you get sick no matter what. I refuse to live in fear, which only leads to chronic illness and cancers through elevated cortisol levels. In my mind at this juncture “chemtrails” are hokum, and there are far more serious legislative, health and economic issues for us to work on.

To your Good Health and Common Sense.