Eating on the Road

Published May 18th, 2011 in Travel Tips

By Tammera J. Karr, PhD, BCIH, CNC, CNW, CNH

For many the hot topic of the day has been about TSA and airport travel, but for others our thoughts are not just on gropings but on what in the world to eat while traveling. I know this because at the writing this column, I’m setting in an airport in Denver Colorado on my way to San Antonio, Texas.

Before I go any further I’d like to give kudos to the TSA agents at the Medford airport, the agents greeted everyone politely and often with smiles, no pat down or revealing scans, just the same o’l thing as what I’ve gone through for the last ten years in airports. What a nice way to start my adventure.

So with airlines no longer providing plastic chicken and warm ice cream, I have found my own foods far more palatable. Here are a few travel foods I carry with me;

By being selective about your food choices while traveling you can keep your weight from ballooning, water retention down and you will have more energy for playing when you get to your destination. Remember to go easy on the coffee as it increases muscle cramps and low back pain from working your kidneys without sufficient water.

When I get to my destination I follow some simple rule;

To your good health and Safe Travels.

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