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Getting the Most from Our Foods

Published February 26th, 2016 in Alternative Perspective, Eat for Health

by Tammera J. Karr, PhD, BCHN, BCIH

I have had clients say to me, “ I know what foods to avoid – but I am not always sure of what foods I should be eating”. I think this is a problem for most of us, we are bombarded by advertisers telling us about drugs, and the supposed health benefits of foods – only to find out later the dangers of side effects or advertising.

Who would have thought simple burgers and fries would be decades later be contributors to the nation’s obesity and diabetes pandemic? For starters, the food even in drive ups was a whole lot healthier in 1960 than it is today, and secondly, as a population, we had much higher activity levels versus today’s highly sedentary population. Combine this with the advent of modern processed foods loaded with chemicals never used before 1990, GMO and rampant prescription drug use for everything, you find a nation that is getting sicker by the day.

At a  conference, one of my mentors – Liz Lipski made the comment “it takes four generations for DNA changes to occur leading to chronic illnesses, and four more to correct the damage”. Please take a moment to think about that…. Our food has dramatically changed in quality and quantity since the 1960’s, the use of hormone-disrupting medications shot to the forefront in the 1970’s, and today we are seeing Autism and degenerative illness in children that should not be there.

There is a growing movement to take back control of our health from Autism Awareness groups, DNA testing, sustainable farming and fishing, and Holistic Health Practitioners like me. Our health is Our responsibility and should not be left in the hands of For-Profit Corporations and businesses. It is not too late to correct the damage done from decades of poor nutrition and environmental toxins, but it will mean You have to do some work, and You have to change bad habits.

Where to start – eat more fresh fruits and vegetables locally grown and organic – build that garden, even if it is in containers. Join a CSA, shop at local farmers markets and small local meat shops who are willing to bring in quality organic farm-raised meat products, including organ meats. Get outside more, get up from the computer or desk for 10min- 15 min every two hours and walk away from the work, quiet your mind and take a couple of deep breaths.

Don’t like veggies? Invest in a vita mix and started making smoothies – there are lots of great recipes anyone can make in minutes. If my husband can do it, so can you! Hahaha

Give yourself a Technology break – the world will not come to an end if your phone, tablet, and computer are off for one day a week, and your health will thank you for it.

Go for a daily walk in nature.

Moreover, last but not least – Eat organ foods and seafood that are sustainably harvested to increase necessary mineral, vitamin and healthy fats for health, without the burden of phytic acid that blocks absorption from plant foods.


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