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Health Freedom ~Don’t Overlook It

Published May 18th, 2011 in Alternative Perspective

by Tammera J. Karr, PhD, CNC, BCIH, CNW, CNH

When it comes to health freedom and the encroachment on our rights from an agency we automatically think of the FDA, but in truth they are nothing more than puppet giving a performance. It is through the workings of less visible groups funded by large multinational corporations quietly driving the movement within the private sector, state and federal governments, that are the true danger. Groups like the American Dietetic Association, Monsanto, Bayer and Cargill lobbing to change state laws eliminate the ability of licensed healthcare practitioners and nutritional counselors to provide dietary, nutrition and lifestyle counseling.

This year’s National Association for Nutritional Professionals (NANP) conference (2011) provided me with information exposing the hidden agenda of the American Dietetic Association (ADA). The ADA a national group has over 70,000 members made up primarily of white women with bachelor degrees.

Any time a national organization is primarily funded through international corporations there is an agenda, an agenda that promotes an industry, not necessarily health or health freedom.  Many in the holistic nutrition field and proactive minded dietitians believe the ADA is systematically working to take away the rights of practitioners, nutraceutical companies and consumers in the area of nutritional counseling. Practitioners who are recognized and credible are receiving “cease and desist” orders in Hawaii, and N. Carolina. Current legislation is being debated in California, Nevada, New York and Minnesota, with 36 other states already having dietetic laws in place, but not fully enforced or activated.

We are not talking about individuals working out of nutrition stores or promoting for multi level marketing companies….many of which are well educated consumers. We are instead talking about individuals who are chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritional counselors, authors, educators and massage therapists with years of nutrition training, education and national credentials.

I know there are many very dedicated and excellent registered dietitians (RD) out there who appalled by this trend. Within the ADA there are two groups of forward thinking RD’s trying to bring about change from within the ADA, they are: Dietitians in Integrative & Functional Medicine and Health and Environmental Nutrition. The ADA does not currently follow or recognize CAM, integrative or functional medicine trends, laws or apparently nutrition science and research.

Who are Nutrition Professionals?

  • Registered Dietitian (only one recognized by the ADA)
  • Public Health Nutritionist
  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Nutrition Specialist
  • Diplomat American Clinical Board Nutrition
  • Certified Nutritionist, Holistic Nutritionist, Nutrition Counselor, Health Educator

Of the ADA 70, 000 members they are 96% female, 88% white 50% BS, 46% MS, 4% PhD

These Registered Dietitians work primarily for 41% non-profit, 30% for-profit, 20% government and 8% are self-employed.

Of the eight percent that are self employed it works out that less that 2% of those are working in the field of integrative health providing information to private cliental.

Why is the ADA “in bed” with purveyors of corporate junk foods, corporate agriculture and drug companies? These companies provide huge influxes in funding for the organization – protecting their market share and interests by training nutrition scientists’ who follow the party line on nutrition through chemicals. It is as simple as follow the money.

For those of us in states with dietitian licensure laws we need to be clear on what those laws say, and work to repeal them.  The “Unspoken Purpose” of Dietitian Licensure Laws: Insurance Reimbursement, Monopoly of nutrition field, Suppression of CAM, Excessive Regulation, Regulatory Laws in US. Be aware the state dietetic boards are composed of professional RD’s and public members (public members are hand-picked from the food service industry i.e. Lunchroom workers for schools and hospitals or corporate industry reps from franchise food vendors)

The Spring 2010  Michigan Dietetic Association publication printed the following message from the President Tonia Reinhard, MS, RD  “The licensure committee is currently establishing the rules and regulations. MDA received some national insight on how we can best proceed to ensure that our scope of practice is not infringed upon by inadequately trained wannabes


Alliance for Natural Health USA

Citizens for Health

National Health Freedom Action

Natural Solutions Foundation

Health Freedom Alliance

I have invested 14 years into my education, and continue to pursue continuing education for the benefit of myself and my clientele.  I know there is a lot I don’t know, however arrogant comments like those posted on many of the RD sites I reviewed make my blood boil. Every practitioner I have ever worked with or met strives to be professional, and diligent about scope of practice. Restriction in trade of this kind is far from beneficial to clients, practitioners or business. When we review the statistics it is still safer to use integrative health approaches over old fashioned allopathic models. Contrary to the ADA, Coke is not good for your health.

To Your Good Health and Health Freedom