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Editorial – Defeating the Storm

Published January 25th, 2019 in Alternative Perspective, Editorial, Health Freedom, HN4U Blog
Healing Power of Foods and Herbs

For almost two decades I have proudly been a Holistic Nutritionist. In the early days, it never occurred to me, that I would need a professional organization, let alone organization dedicated to educating and protecting, my right to practice, and yours to use Holistic Nutrition (food, herbs, and nutrients….) for health.

In the late summer of 2018, I shared with an attorney; I believed food and nutrition, and the sharing of information on these topics an inalienable right. A right that predates any government or licensing bodies.

To my dismay, the attorney said freedom of choice for food and health had no rights or allowances in the constitution and was not deemed an inalienable right of citizenship.

The attorney went on to say: While we have the right to the freedom of speech, and can write on the topic of food as medicine, it is not viewed as an inalienable right to educate or practice with clients these ancient healing traditions and modalities.

I still inwardly rebel at those words, it is inconceivable to me that the one single ingredient necessary for life is also the one we have to fight the hardest to educate on in America – FOOD.

As individuals, we all have windmills we tilt at, that fire our blood and passion, some are essential others distractions, diverting our attention away from the real war.  When it comes to Natural Health, Holistic Nursing, Functional and Holistic Nutrition, I can not stress enough, the importance of being united in keep draconian legislation and restrictions on nutrition education and practice from happening. We can be a kaleidoscope of unique modalities, helping clients, family members and ourselves, only if we come together as a cohesive, unified voice, demanding the freedom to practice.

I am very proud of the work being done by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and the Council of Holistic Health Educators – – the voice of one is lost in the lightest breeze, the voice of many can call a ship home safely through a storm. We are facing a storm in many areas of America, where the freedom to educate and practice the modalities of nutrition and natural health are threatened by special internists, not public safety.

Together we can change the storm into a safe harbor.

Please read this thought-provoking and challenging editorial from NANP President Miriam Grumet Zacharias​, I hope it ignites a fire and passion in you as it has me.

To Traditional Foods, Health, and Freedom to Choose

Tammera Karr, Ph.D., BSHN™

Founder of Holistic Nutrition for the Whole You



Published January 6th, 2018 in Alternative Therapies, What's in the News

While we have been preoccupied with Christmas, New Year, Haunnaka and other holidays of the season, the government agencies have been busy wrapping up not so nice presents for Americans. As always this is the time of year no one is paying attention to what sneaky moves regulatory agencies are making.

I rely on the Alliance for Natural Health and The Coalition for Holistic Health Education to keep me abreast of pending legislation and policy affecting our right to choose the kind of healthcare we want.

The following information on important action alerts has been provided by the Alliance for Natural Health-US


Customized Resveratrol Also to Be Banned: At a November  20-21 meeting of the FDA’s Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee (PCAC), in which the committee would recommend whether several natural medicines could continue to be customized by compounding pharmacies along with natural medicines for patients.

The fate of several crucial medicines was decided, including resveratrol (from grapes, astralagus a herb, and pregnenolone a natural progesterone precursor. Resveratrol and astralagus were rejected by PCAC, but the committee voted, against the FDA’s recommendation, to include pregnenolone in the list of medicines that can be compounded. Of course, PCAC only makes recommendations, and when the FDA finalizes its list, it may well reject pregnenolone too, so we must remain vigilant.

The goal of this process – as has been clear from the start – is to hamstring and eventually drive out of business traditional compounding pharmacies by eliminating the types of medicines they can produce. The FDA wants traditional pharmacies to register as “outsourcing facilities,” since the agency has tight control over what they can produce and can prevent the production of anything deemed to compete with conventional drugs. Few traditional pharmacies have chosen to convert to this new kind of facility because they know it would end their independence.


Protect the Integrity of Organic Products

There is an influx of fake organic grain imported from overseas. The USDA seems to recognize this problem but is doing little about it. One Turkish organic certifier, ETKO, seems to be egregiously at fault. Canada and the European Union have singled out ETKO for its fraudulent certifications and “decertified” the firm —meaning that ETKO-certified organic products are no longer accepted as organic.

The USDA lists problems with ETKO as far back as 2009 but, instead of decertifying this company, actually reached a settlement agreement with them in 2016. The firm is now under audit by USDA. The status of the audit –  the agency is still gathering data and will be done “soon.”

Not only do consumers unwittingly purchase products falsely labeled by the government as organic, but organic farmers in the US are also affected as they have to compete with fraudulent goods.


Protect Vaccine Choice

Vaccines are a hotly debated topic, with emotions running high on both sides. Reasonable people should be able to ask intelligent questions about the safety of vaccines. Parents should not be in danger of losing their children over exemptions or find they no longer have a doctor because of exercising their right of choice. There are many reasons besides religion for forgoing vaccinations, such as allergies and adverse reactions.

The truth is that the government’s vaccine schedule has not been rigorously tested for safety. We know that vaccines can cause severe illness. This is why it is so essential to protect Americans’ freedom of choice by fighting to preserve vaccine exemptions in states and reporting on the latest cutting-edge research.



Defeated bills that either mandated certain vaccines or eliminated exemptions to vaccination in over two-dozen states, including: CA, CO, CT, DE, HI, IA, IL, IN, MA, MD, ME, MN, MO, NE, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, SD, TN, TX, VA, WA, WV

As we move into the new year, there will be battles we chose to fight, I hope protecting your health Freedom is one of them.

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